Your home or business should function comfortably at all times. When electrical systems fail or are in need of repair, any delays may result in loss of productivity or unsafe situations. The same theory applies to the home. An electrical issue may cause an uncomfortable and hazardous living situation. Therefore, you will notice, the benefit of working with our team is that we offer 24-hour emergency services, which include proactive and preventative maintenance. Your safety is our priority.

At Von Power, when it comes to customer service, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations. Customer service is our number one key focus, and we would love to hear from you. We welcome any questions regarding electrical services for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. You will find our staff friendly and well versed in the electrical industry to handle any inquiry. Electrical construction requires a team of dedicated professionals. At Von Power, our dedicated team of electricians will ensure quality service with client satisfaction guaranteed.

At Von Power, we offer electrical services across the GTA, including but not limited to Mississauga, North York, and Vaughan. Our services include electrical construction, electrical civil construction, maintenance/service, fire alarm installation/service, generator installation, energy audits, and retrofits. Visit our service page for more information.

Tenant fit-outs for new or existing builds, small or large scale industrial or commercial projects, retail spaces, and residential services. Electrical Civil Construction – underground electrical systems, transformer vaults, light standards, as well as duct banks. We offer generator installation, which can be used as your primary source of power or may be used as a backup source in the event of a power outage. We also provide energy audits, retrofits, fire alarm installation, and service.

We Are Leading The Industry

At Von Power, we are industry leaders in commercial, industrial, and residential electrical services. We also provide energy audits, retrofits, fire alarm installation, and service.

Great Variety of Exclusive Service

Our team is dedicated to bringing you professional, quality electrical services, maintenance, and repairs with over ten years of extensive experience. Our team will ensure your facility or home is safe and functional. Whether your project is on a small or large scale, our goal is to service all of your electrical needs optimally.