Electrical Upgrades to Increase Property Value in Markham

Electrical upgrades are essential to increase the value of a commercial property. This is especially important for older properties where the electrical system still needs to be upgraded. Before selling, the owner must make sure the building is running smoothly.


Here are a few things to consider:


Panel upgrades

In an electrical upgrade, the electrical panel is the first thing sellers should look at. The panel should function at optimal efficiency. If it doesn’t, other electrical systems of the property will not work. There are ways you can tell if the electrical panel needs an upgrade. Consider panel upgrades if you notice the following signs –


  • If the property is older than 15 years
  • If there is a burning odour in the house
  • If the lights flicker
  • If the service box is hot to touch
  • If the breakers trip
  • If the panel is rusty or broken


Engage with professionals who offer services like panel upgrades in Markham and get the panel upgrades installed. This will help you get the best value for the property when selling. Home buyers get these benefits:


  • Reduced risk of fires
  • Increased electrical safety
  • Efficient power supply
  • No surprise break-downs
  • Ability to add more outlets and circuits


EV charging stations for residential and commercial properties

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased drastically in recent years. With inflation regularly affecting the cost of fuel, EVs are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative for most people. Although, this would require EV charge stations for residential and commercial to be installed as well.


When considering increasing their property valuation, owners can look for EV charge stations for residential and commercial in Markham. This helps with the following:


  • Highlighting your property as environmentally friendly
  • Attracting the new generation of ‘green-conscious’ homeowners
  • Being ahead of time for any sustainable mandate that may be applied to buildings
  • Charging a premium for your property even when renting
  • One-time installation expenditure surpasses the returns


If an interested buyer possesses an electric vehicle, having an EV charging station already present on the premises might just be the icing on the cake that makes them place an offer.


LED replacement and upgrades

LED replacement and upgrades can be considered a fantastic electrical addition. It will help reduce energy consumption and utility costs for homeowners. Moreover, LED lighting has more benefits, such as durability, enhanced aesthetics, and customized installation options. For a seller, this addition helps increase the value of their property when compared with any other property with traditional lighting. You can avail of LED replacement and upgrades in Markham in a hassle-free manner by hiring the right professionals.


Back up generator

Another electrical upgrade that can be implemented to increase home value is generator installation. For new homeowners, this would be highly beneficial in times of power outages. For sellers, this can improve a property’s valuation, bringing down the risks of a complete blackout. Hence, sellers should not think twice before looking for companies that provide generator installation in Markham, as it would only assist them in the process of selling the house at a premium price.


Sellers might think it is unnecessary to go through the effort if they won’t be reaping the benefits. However, such improvements would benefit them by building trust between both parties and increasing the property’s value. Suppose you want to sell well in the Markham real estate market. In that case, it is only sensible to ensure that the entire system is prepared to take on the household’s electrical needs. Contact Von Power today for more information!


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