Top 4 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station On Your Premises in Vaughan

Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent in Canada, with the Canada Energy Regulator reporting an exponential increase in the number of EVs purchased countrywide. In 2021, around 66,815 EVs were sold in Canada. This number is expected to increase even more thanks to the federal government’s financial incentive program for zero- or low-emission vehicles. The present supply of public EV charging stations for commercial properties in Vaughan is insufficient to meet the rising demand. Commercial and business structures can include charging stations in their infrastructure to accommodate customers who use electric vehicles.

The advantages of installing an EV charging station in Vaughan include the following:

Attract and Retain customers and potential employees

Having an EV charging station for your commercial property in Vaughan can help you gain customers who drive EVs. Since there are only a few EV charging stations, people will stop by to charge their vehicles if you have one on your premises. While waiting, they may peruse your stores and buy products they like, increasing revenue. Since the EV charging station is listed on EV charging station maps, it will become easier for clients to find your business. Your existing customers who drive EVs will also benefit. They will become more inclined to remain loyal to your company due to your environmentally conscious initiatives.

There is also a chance that your employees will have EVs, so having a charging station will be a perk for them. The availability of EV charging stations might also enhance your company’s appeal as a workplace. Studies have shown that people who drive EVs have higher levels of creativity and innovation. So, having an EV station will help you attract better employees.

Stay ahead of the competition

Your company will always be one step ahead of the competitors if you offer something that they don’t. If you provide an EV charging station for customers, EV drivers will choose your company over the competition. In addition, your rivals will appear to be less environmentally aware or sustainable than your company.

Commitment to the environment and gaining financial incentives

A positive brand image is crucial for a company’s success. In this age, customers are incredibly inclined to do business with environmentally conscious companies that exhibit ideals like sustainability and green energy. An EV charging station installation in Vaughan will assist your company in obtaining the coveted BOMA BEST certification, showcasing your environmental commitment. Your company can gain LEED points from the Green Building Council of Canada. Also, an EV charging station installation in Vaughan makes you eligible for up to 80% reimbursement by the government of Ontario.

Additional revenue

The government of Ontario has permitted owners of EV charging stations for commercial properties in Vaughan to charge EV drivers who want to recharge their vehicles a user fee. The EV charging station installation costs not covered by reimbursement will be covered this way. This user fee can eventually serve as your company’s extra parking income source. Having EV charging stations on your commercial property in Vaughan will also raise your property values.

Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry. An EV charging station in Vaughan will help your business attract and maintain customers or potential business associates.


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