Benefits Of An EV Charging Station

The popularity of electric vehicles has been steadily rising over the years, with around 6.9 million EVs being sold worldwide in 2021 alone. This makes it crucial to have EV charging stations both in commercial and residential properties.

Commercial properties and businesses

Installing an EV charging station for commercial properties and businesses has numerous advantages. Some of them include the following:

Your business will make its mark on the map.

Businesses that install an EV charging station join a nationwide public network that lists public EV charging stations. Having an EV charging station will draw EV owners to your establishment. This will allow them to recognize your business and the products you offer, and they may even opt to support it.

Additional revenue

The Ontario government has permitted EV charging station owners to charge EV drivers who want to recharge their vehicles a user fee. Therefore, it can eventually serve as an extra income source.

Attract and retain customers

Having EV charging stations attracts new customers to your business parking lot. While they wait for their batteries to charge, they may explore your business, invest in a service or buy products.

Increase customer loyalty

Your existing consumers will perceive your business as ecologically and socially conscious and become more loyal to you.

Increase property value

An EV charging station installation in the parking facilities of commercial buildings will increase the value of the property.

Show that your business is sociably responsible – “green.”

Many consumers back businesses that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can demonstrate your environmental commitment with an EV charging station installation.

Residential properties

Installing an EV charging station for residential properties has numerous advantages. Some of them include the following:

Increase property value

Since the number of EV owners is increasing, having a residential charging station will attract more tenants and buyers to your home, increasing the property value.

Contribute to the community – clean – green- environmentally responsible

EV charging stations promote more EV drivers, highlighting your commitment to reducing carbon footprints.

Convenient and reliable

A residential EV charger will allow you to charge your vehicle whenever possible. You can also charge the vehicle worry-free without having to wait in long queues.


Charging your vehicle at home can be cheaper than at public charging stations due to the lack of overhead charges. You can also reduce the energy charges by opting to charge the vehicle at off-peak hours.


EV chargers are compatible with several different vehicle brands and are built to last.

Increase occupancy and attracts tenants

Having EV charging stations will increase visitors to condominiums and rental properties, especially those who drive EVs.

Helps homeowners multi-task

Instead of making a trip to the gas station, homeowners can charge their vehicle while getting things done at home, especially for those who work from home.

Major advantages

Other advantages of EV charging station installation include the following:

Increased EV drivers 

More charging stations will encourage people to buy EVs, which will benefit the environment.

Manufacturers are expanding their investments in electric cars

With an increasing number of people buying EVs, manufacturers have started investing in EVs. This can lead to new innovations and better technologies in the field of EVs.

Provincial incentive 

The government of Ontario gives incentives like reimbursement for the construction of EVs.

Clean energy

EVs operate on pollution-free clean energy, which makes them the best automobile technology for environmentally conscious people.


EVs are the technology of the future. An EV charging station on your commercial or residential property can be an excellent investment. Contact Von Power today for more information.