Frequently Asked Questions on Panel Upgrades

Has your home or office electrical panel been upgraded in recent years? If not, then you may be living with an outdated one that can cause continuous issues. In fact, outdated panels can be hazardous, too, leading to a higher risk of electric fires. It is essential for you to choose panel upgrades in time to avert all these problems. Here we have some common questions about panel service upgrades and repairs answered.


Can homeowners or commercial property owners upgrade their electrical panels themselves?

It is not impossible to do it yourself, but it is advisable not to handle your electrical panel upgrades without professional help. A small mistake or oversight can have costly and dangerous consequences (e.g., electrical fire, shock). DIY could also mean code violation, which means your insurer will not cover any damage you suffer as a consequence.


What are signs it’s time for a panel upgrade?

Suppose your panel is more than 25 years old. In that case, you need an expert’s professional inspection and possibly service upgrades and repairs. Often, panel problems manifest through flickering lights or a burning smell from your panel. The second is especially alarming and needs an immediate call to the electrician. There is a good chance your panel cannot handle your home’s needs and needs to be upgraded. Frequently tripping circuit breakers are a warning that upgrades are necessary too.

Old homes that have fuse panels are overdue for panel upgrades to the standard electrical panel used now. Another telltale sign is when you see sparks when you plug something in or find the circuit breaker heating up.


If I remodel my home, does the panel immediately have to be upgraded?

It is better to do so because the new panel can be designed to match all of your new home’s needs. This is because you may have added new appliances that your old panel is ill-equipped to power safely.


What is the lifespan of an upgraded panel? How often will it need to be replaced?

A new electrical panel will serve you well for about 20- 30 years. You can replace it after the 20-year point if a thorough inspection reveals any serious issues. Else, routine service upgrades and repairs should keep it running safely and smoothly.


Is a permit required for a panel upgrade?

Any changes done to your electrical system do need a permit. More minor changes to your electric system may not.


Can a panel upgrade help increase the property value?

Definitelypanel upgrades let you prepare your home for future electrical needs. You may want to add an EV charger at home or any other modern appliance. Panel upgrades can amp up property value because the house is ready for such additions made by new owners.


After an upgrade, what are the best maintenance practices?

Regular service upgrades and repairs are the best way to maintain your new electrical panel. Call in the electrician when you notice anything out of the ordinary, such as sparking, heating, or flickering lights anywhere in the home.


How long does a panel upgrade take, and what should a property owner expect during the process?

The first step is inspection and estimation of cost. Next, the contractor gets the permits and approvals needed, which may take up to two weeks. When the work starts, the power is cut off. The installation of the new panel can take between 1 and 3 days. Once the panel upgrades are completed, it is time for official inspection and approval. The approval tells you that all necessary codes have been adhered to. When you get the approval, the power is switched back on.


Timely service upgrades and repairs of your electrical system are the best way to maintain the safety of your home and hearth and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. If your electric panel is too old or outdated, go in for panel upgrades immediately. With the many advantages and safety enhancements, this is an excellent investment for your property. Contact Von Power for a quote today.