Frequently Asked Questions on Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can help you save a staggering 90% on your monthly energy bill. Since the price of putting up solar panels has reduced over the years, it is something you ought to consider. Here are ten frequently asked questions about solar panel installations at residential or commercial properties.


What are the benefits of solar panel installs for residential properties?

Upgrading your property with a solar panel installation could negate your power bills. Apart from this, you will be using an environmentally friendly, reliable source of energy that is sustainable. Solar panels have a low maintenance cost and can also get you tax credits or rebates from the government. It increases property value and can even open up avenues to earn money if you can share the energy you generate with others.


What are the benefits of solar panel installs for commercial properties?

Every cent you save can be invested into the business as a commercial establishment. Solar panels lower your power expenditures and help safeguard your business against power outages and unexpected rises in electricity costs. It also increases the valuation of your commercial property.


How is a solar panel installation the best fit for my property?

Getting energy audits done by a professional company like V Power can help you understand if your property is fit for a solar power installation. You can start by checking your average energy consumption. Then measure the roof space you have available. Normally, a solar panel is 17.6 square feet in size and can produce approximately 15 watts of power per square foot. See if this works for you, and then you can proceed with the installation.


Will a solar panel install affect my property value?

Yes, a solar panel installation increases the property value.


How do solar panels function?

Solar panels are comprised of photovoltaic cells which absorb sunlight and convert it into energy. This energy helps create an electrical charge and is channelled internally to provide power to the main grid of the property.

My property is in a region where there is seasonal change. Will the seasons, climate, and weather (precipitation) affect how the solar panel function?

Solar panels are built to endure harsh climatic conditions. Heavy rain or hail may reduce its efficiency, but solar panels will continue to function.


Will the solar panel work in the event of a power outage or blackout?

Solar panels can continue to work in an outage or blackout if you have solar battery storage in place.


What is the lifespan of a solar panel system?

The average lifespan of solar panel systems is more than twenty-five years.


Will my roof need to be repaired or redone to install solar panels?

If your roof is functioning properly and is within warranty, there is no need for repairs. But if you are facing roof problems, it is best to get it redone before your solar panel installation.


Will solar panels ultimately save me money long-term?

Yes, solar panels come with a warranty of about 25 years and have a payback time of 8-16 years, depending on the size of the installation. Solar panels are a significant long-term investment as it leads to a more than 80% reduction in energy costs.



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