Is it time for an energy audit?

A well-conducted energy audit will help you reduce your energy consumption or reduce your operating costs and save some significant bucks. This article will walk you through everything related to energy audits and their importance.

The basics of an energy audit

Simply put, an energy audit is an inspection of energy flows in a building – both commercial and residential. Its main purpose is to help you conserve energy and reduce expenses.

The primary benefits and importance of an energy audit include the following:

  • It helps in lowering your energy costs
  • By helping you reduce energy consumption, it also reduces environmental damage.
  • It helps you become less dependent on foreign sources of energy
  • An energy audit can also help you with electrical maintenance and increase the life span of your electrical equipment

Generally, there are two types of energy audits:

  • Preliminary audit: A simple data-gathering process gives you a preliminary analysis. The auditor will conduct a preliminary audit via a walk-through investigation.
  • Detailed audit: It is a detailed process in which the auditor monitors, analyzes, and verifies your energy consumption and finds issues with it. They will then suggest ways to improve it through a technical report.

How is an energy audit conducted?

An energy audit is conducted by professionals in three major steps. They include the following:

  1. Data collection: In the first step, the auditor will visit your building and collect data like your build’s surface area, the number, and types of electrical appliances, your energy bill, etc.
  2. Analysis: The auditor will analyze the information through in-depth studies using special tools after data collection.
  3. Documentation or audit report: The auditor then presents you with a detailed report containing your facility’s energy usage and ways to improve energy performance. This gives you the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to maintain comfort and consistent energy flow.

Is it time to schedule an energy audit?

Figuring out the right time to schedule an energy audit can be confusing. Here are some ways that can help you out:

  • Evaluate your facility for air leaks, ventilation, lighting, and insulation issues.
  • Suppose your building has an uneven temperature between rooms, outdated home appliances, utility systems, or inefficient lighting. In that case, it’s time for an energy audit.
  • Further, you must have an energy audit if you notice a significant price increase in your utility bills.

While energy audits can be performed throughout the year, it is best to schedule them during winter. This is because the colder temperature can help the auditor get clear insights about the heat escaping from your building.

Your next step

Once the energy audit is completed, your next steps should include the following:

  • Carefully review the audit report and discuss it with your electrical technician.
  • Implementing the changes suggested in the report to reduce energy consumption.
  • Be aware of certain habits that can increase your energy consumption significantly. Such practices include leaving lights on unnecessarily, leaving electronics plugged in at all times, ignoring air leaks and drafts, etc.
  • Service upgrades and repairs can help you move to more efficient energy systems. Common ways to do this include:

Retrofits: Retrofits is simply the process of replacing old, outdated equipment with new and more advanced ones. Retrofitting can help you save energy, increase your property’s value, and make your home environment more comfortable.

Lighting Automation: Lighting automation can save energy by dimming the light on its own. Its significant benefits include enhanced safety, security, convenience, and energy savings.

Installing solar panels: Solar panels harness the sun’s energy and power your appliances through it. This reduces your electricity consumption and helps the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.


Conducting a detailed energy audit at the right time is crucial for improving energy performance and electrical maintenance. Contact an experienced energy auditing company like Von Power and schedule an energy audit for your facility.