Preparing Your Home for an EV Charging Station

Von Power weighs in on the benefits of adding an EV charging station at home and a few ways to prepare for the installation. (Source: The Spruce, How to Prepare Your Home and Garage for an Electrical Vehicle, By Lee Wallender, December 11, 2022, ).


Electric vehicles may well become the only mode of transportation in the future. It makes sense for you to prep your home for them, especially if you factor in how they are earth friendly and quiet. The first step in gearing up for an EV-friendly future is to incorporate an EV charging station.

Lee Wallender from The Spruce points out how many EV users express a clear preference for home charging points because of the unreliable availability of the same at public spots. Von Power has some points to add about the advantages of including an EV charging station for residential properties. “Faster and cheaper are just two of the major benefits of investing in your very own home EV charging station installation,” they point out. “While there are rapid chargers on many commercial properties outside, the cost and availability are definitely a deterrent. That’s when you consider that you can have your own home charging station doing the same task. An at-home station is both reliable and always ready.”

Another crucial point made by Lee Wallender is that your EV may require uninterrupted charging for a long duration. EV charging station for residential properties makes it simple for vehicle owners to leave their EVs to charge overnight so they’re ready to go in the morning. Von Power adds a significant point here: “Your home EV charging station allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s power consumption and, thus, its performance. Also, remember that if you have the option to claim tax benefits, then this data can actually save you tax dollars. If you can schedule your charging during off-peak hours, you may also save big bucks on the electricity bill, despite charging at home.”

The Spruce article also explains a critical point to note before beginning your EV charging station installation at home. Home EV chargers draw power from the home’s electricity, but the charging actually happens within the EV’s built-in charger. Von Power has some valuable inputs to add here. “Take into note your EV’s range, your driving speed on average, and your daily commute distance when you plan for the EV charging station installation,” they say.

However, they also highlight the importance of matching your car and home’s electrical capacity with the charger you would like to get. “Making sure it all matches is the first step before you invest in the home EV charging station. Therefore, be sure that any electrical upgrades or repairs are completed beforehand, or else you could end up with an incompatible component,” they caution. “Calling in the professionals and getting their input can save you a lot of anxiety, time, and money. It ensures that your home EV charging post is ready in the minimum time and compatible with the rest of the home.”

Von Power also has input on garage space considerations, another point made by Lee Wallender in The Spruce. “Once you have established that the home has enough electrical capacity to maintain a charger, making space for the installation process is next. Often a garage is a home for miscellaneous household items. As the article mentions, dedicate a specific area where the car will be parked. You may want to consider insulating your garage as this can help to extend the car battery.”


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