Reducing Emissions with Electrical Upgrades

Since the day Ben Franklin flew his kite into a storm, humans as a species have been obsessed with harnessing the power of electricity. Today, practically everything in our life – phones, computers, appliances, factories, etc. – runs on electricity. Renowned climate change expert Rick Smith believes that we should ‘electrify everything,’ and the folks at Von Power can’t help but agree. (Source: Maclean’s, How to fight the climate crisis with electricity, Rick Smith, May 10, 2022,


The spread of electrical machines

Von Power explains, “As the acceptability of fossil fuels and their emissions declines, people need an alternative source of energy. This can be used to run cars, power homes, and protect the future.”

This is a conclusion Rick Smith has arrived at separately. He has seen the change in his neighbourhood from 2019, when there was a lone EV owner, to now, when the country is rapidly installing stations for EV chargers, residential and commercial alike.


The cost of energy

A future that looks vastly different from the present can be scary. To think of a world where almost everything runs electrically is hard to imagine. Especially when so many people rely on traditional forms of energy production as employment. Rick Smith posits that this is a blessing in disguise, pointing to the electrification of Europe’s economy as an example. Von Power doubles down on the idea. “Countries like Norway, which are known to be leaders in sustainable energy use, have the highest use of EVs. They have lighting automation in homes and a steady employment flow in the service upgrade and repairs industry.”

Essentially, they take traditional methods of energy production and substitute them with newer, cleaner methods. Job openings in the power sector are expected to see a rise as more and more sections of the world implement electrical upgrades in their daily lives.


The pollution problem

As President of the Canadian Climate Institute, Smith brings attention to a significant alarming fact. The amount of pollution and greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere every year must go down fast. After all, it affects not only the global temperature but also the air quality, both of which are hazardous to human life.

“The cost of electrical panel upgrades in residential and commercial buildings is not as high as it used to be. EVs are also becoming cheaper and more efficient by the day.” Von Power explains, adding, “When the energy efficient and sustainable solutions also become cost-effective, it becomes the superior option.”

Climate change presents a very real issue, and so it comes down to one simple question people have to ask themselves, “Why shouldn’t you electrify everything?”


Humans evolve, and with us, our technology evolves too. This gives hope to Rick Smith, not just for our species but for the planet as well. As a solemn message, Von Power urges people, “Even in little ways, everyone can contribute to reducing emissions. This can be done by upgrading lifestyle, whether it is through an energy audit, lighting automation, panel upgrades, or buying an EV.”


Change is inevitable, one way or another, but it’s up to us what direction we decide to head in.