Remodelling with Energy Efficiency in Mind

Von Power weighs in on remodelling to improve energy performance. (Source: HGTV, Remodeling for Energy Efficiency, ).


Being conscious about your energy usage is very important. The demand for natural energy resources is increasing every day. Von Power agrees, “You can take steps to improve your power usage efficiency. This will help you and your family financially as well as improve your standard of living.”  

Advantages of remodelling for energy efficiency

When you remodel, keeping energy efficiency as a focus point, you will see a significant reduction in your power bills. Von Power suggests, “Adding energy efficient solutions to your home increases its property value. You will also adopt a sustainable lifestyle by consciously choosing products that are good for the environment.”

Where to start

Start with research. Talk to your local vendors and get an energy audit done for your home. Von Power adds, “You can also take feedback from your neighbours or friends in the same locality who have upgraded their houses. This will give you insight into what changes have worked for people in the same vicinity. Following this, you can get professional help to fully audit your home power consumption. It will help you understand your energy consumption, analyze what you can do to increase efficiency, and decide on the next steps you need to take accordingly.”

Steps to take

A few basic upgrades can help improve your power efficiency. This includes heating and cooling system repairs or updates, replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL ones, sealing air leaks, and increasing or replacing insulation material.

Von Power adds, “If you have a few areas in the house that always stay hot or cold, you ought to check your insulation. Having a well-insulated home helps immensely with reducing energy costs. It also makes your home more comfortable to live in. Your heating and cooling systems will perform at an optimum level when they have the support from your insulation installations.”

As the article suggests, you can take many steps to increase energy efficiency while remodelling your home. Von Power explains, “We all have access to do-it-yourself videos and can work on fixing things around our homes. But service upgrades and repairs while remodelling should be done by professionals. Energy efficient additions like roof replacement, installing solar panels, and door or window replacement comes with a price attached to them. When you want to see a return on your investment sooner rather than later, take the help of companies who have years of experience doing just this work!”

Upgrades involve expenditures, and everyone needs the finances to fund this. It is a challenge many families face. However, getting the repairs and upgrades done can help save money in the long term.


Von Power concludes, “Upgrades to your home is not a one-size-fits-all format. It takes a deep dive into your power consumption, getting an energy audit done to understand problem areas, and then working out a budget for the remodelling. If you feel you do not have the resources for a complete upheaval, start small. Take up one thing at a time. You can invest in lighting automation, panel upgrades, or small service upgrade and repairs to fix some energy-draining areas.”