Scheduling tips for Electrical Contractors

Von Power weighs in on reducing scheduling problems for electrical contractors. (Source: Electrical News, How to Reduce Scheduling Problems for Electrical Contractors,


Skilled electrical contractors and electrical service providers are always in demand due to their highly specialized talents. These skilled workers cannot be replaced and need to be fully alert while working to maintain the quality of work. This makes the scheduling of electrical work highly critical.

Having a backup strategy

Even though people may be entirely prepared for all kinds of emergencies, sometimes there can be accidents or illnesses that may hamper their work. This begs the need for a contingency or backup plan in place to cover for things that may derail your preparations and interfere with your schedule.

Address absenteeism

Workers may take occasional leaves for medical or urgent personal matters, which may not affect electrical service upgrades and repairs much. But constant absenteeism can affect the ability of electrical contractors to meet deadlines. Von Power suggests, “it is in your best interest to develop and implement an attendance policy to monitor employees. At the end of the day, any scale of electrical work requires attention to detail. Therefore, this type of work demands responsible and reliable employees.”

Encourage transparency 

Regardless of whether you subcontract electrical services or employ these professionals in-house, it is crucial to invest time in developing a solid rapport with them. Being honest and transparent will make all employees aware of deadlines and work to be prioritized, removing scheduling issues.

Be proactive

Solving issues as and when they arise may help you with minor problems. But this may only work sometimes. Von Power advises, ” it is challenging to predict possible issues that can arise in an electrical service upgrade and repair work. However, it is best to take the initiative in deciding on various solutions beforehand. Being prepared for any situation is your best chance at keeping a smooth workflow.”

Give all the project information to employees

Not having all the information about the project may make it difficult for individual workers to complete their tasks. Von Power advises, ” it is best for electrical solutions contractors to ensure that each member of the team is informed of the essential scheduling information. Running a team and collaborating with others requires clear communication.”

Keep your estimates reasonable

It is essential to complete projects efficiently and on time, but contractors should keep their goals and estimations reasonable. Having an unreasonable deadline can cause poor work quality and even missed deadlines due to issues like absenteeism and unexpected accidents.

Think about subcontracting

According to Von Power, if you have your hands full with several electrical service upgrades and repair work, it will be beneficial to subcontract some of the duties. This will shift the responsibility of scheduling to the subcontractors. Although this may seem like an easy way out, it might be your salvation; as the article mentions, it’s better to share the responsibility than to overschedule and rush a project Von Power shares.

Avoid rush order

Though your customers may love to get their work done quickly, quality work takes time and effort. Von Power advises avoiding taking too many rush orders that can compromise work quality.

Simplify processes

Try simplifying the scheduling process and avoiding cramping the contractors’ schedules with too much work and unrealistic plans.

Look ahead

Unforeseen issues, including natural disasters, can always affect electrical work scheduling. Von Power advises contractors to be prepared for such incidents so that their schedules and deadlines aren’t compromised.


Providing electrical solutions is a challenging task. It needs a significant amount of planning and scheduling to provide quality work.