The 101 on outdoor commercial lighting

Lighting is essential in every commercial construction project. It is crucial not only for illumination but for safety as well. Several elements affect commercial lighting choices.

Determining your outdoor commercial lighting needs

There are different steps involved in determining your outdoor commercial lighting needs. First, walk the grounds of the commercial construction and determine the shadowy spots, dark corners, walkways, parking lots, or other places requiring lighting. Define the goal of illumination. Are you looking for quality, lower maintenance, creating the first impression, or simply needing a replacement? Safety is also a factor to consider while installing lighting. Similarly, plaza signs that need to be fixed will deter customers, a dimly lit area will discourage visitors, and a well-lit area will discourage intruders.

Things to consider when choosing outdoor commercial lighting include:

  • Pick a lighting that gives your space a more appealing and welcoming appearance.
  • Pick durable lighting that can withstand weather changes.
  • Choose bright lights for safety and security.
  • Use motion sensor lights to alert about intruders.
  • In high-traffic areas, lighting should be installed in a way that there are no significant changes in illumination.
  • The budget for large commercial buildings can affect the choice of lighting.

All about placement

The various areas that require illumination in public spaces include parking lots, entrances, loading docks, pathways, and walkways. It is also crucial to have appropriate underground parking and street illumination.

Types of lights that require power and professional installation include:

Architectural area lights are excellent for lighting up a large area and are frequently employed in parking lots and as streetlights.

High mast lights: These fixtures offer infrastructure savings, superior field visibility, and deployment flexibility. They can be used in sports fields, container yards, airports, and similar high-activity places.

Post-top lights: They can be mounted at the height of three to nine meters and are used for illuminating city parks, downtown streetscapes, bikeways, walkways, and residential neighborhoods.

Wall-mounted floodlights are asymmetrical and can illuminate an area up to six to eight times its mounting height. They are used in loading docks, parking lots, storefronts, and any other external space that needs lighting for visibility, security, or safety at night.

Canopy lights: They are ideal for structured areas in professional and commercial settings, including bus terminals, parking lots, and gas stations.

Dusk to Dawn Lights: Equipped with specialized photo sensors, these fixtures turn on or off automatically when the sun sets and rises. They guarantee that the outside lighting only turns on when necessary.

Is LED the way to go?

LED lighting can offer numerous benefits when fitted into commercial buildings:

Power saving

LED lighting has an energy efficiency of up to 80% higher than conventional lamps.


LED lighting conserves energy and requires low maintenance. This reduces energy bills and maintenance charges, making it cost-efficient.

Safe for environment

Mercury-vapor and fluorescent lamps need to be handled and disposed of carefully. LEDs are green technologies that emit nearly no UV radiation.

Minimal heat production

LEDs generate almost no heat. It doesn’t generate as much heat as other types of lighting since it uses the energy it has collected to illuminate the surroundings.

Easy control

The illumination in the commercial building can be easily controlled using LED lighting fixture settings like sensors, timers, dimming, and daylighting.

LED replacements and upgrades for a commercial building can save energy and money while improving security. The service upgrade and repairs are typically done by lighting professionals. LED retrofitting can also increase the value of a commercial property. Several important factors should be considered before deciding on LED retrofitting, like performance, budget, and maintenance. Many companies also offer many financing options for LED retrofitting.


Outdoor commercial lighting offers numerous benefits, including safety and aesthetic appeal. LED lighting is an excellent choice as it saves both energy and money. You can also easily upgrade existing lighting to LED. Considering installing outdoor commercial lighting? Contact Von Power today for more information.