Three Electrical Maintenance Tasks to Add to Your Checklist This Summer

Every commercial building runs on electricity. Carrying out electrical maintenance is essential to ensure a consistent electrical supply to all the equipment, appliances, and gadgets in the building. As electrical fires are among the leading causes of commercial building fires, maintaining electrical safety through routine inspections of your existing fire alarm systems is paramount.

Summer is an excellent time to carry out inspections, service upgrades, and repairs. Don’t forget to add these key tasks to your electrical maintenance checklist.


Make sure your generator is working optimally

Hot weather can stress out power systems, including generators. In very high temperatures, combustion in a generator is affected, which can lead to a loss of power. This makes a summer check-up essential. As a general rule, you should have an electrician check your generator once a month so that you can fix any issues before they escalate and necessitate new generator installation.

Typical generator maintenance includes four checks. Checking oil levels (experts recommend changing the oil in small generators about every 50 hours of operation and every 500 hours for large diesel generators). Testing the generator (to ascertain that it can reach adequate power levels when the main power goes out). Removing dust and debris from the generator’s air filters and checking the electronic components, such as battery level and electrolytes.

For service upgrades and repairs, a professional electrical technician must perform preventive maintenance. In case they detect a problem, use their service rather than attempting this technical task yourself.

During an inspection, the technician/electrician will check for signs that indicate the need for repair. Depending on the extent of the problem, they may determine that a new generator installation is better. The telltale signs include a low power flow, slow start, oil, coolant, or fuel leaks, low-charge battery, and worn-out electrical components.

If you still need a home energy audit, now’s the time!

Commercial energy audits are essential to keep your building operating at peak performance. Key activities include reviewing energy consumption in your HVAC systems, generators, transformers, boilers, water pumping, motors, and compressors, to name some. So, an energy audit goes hand in hand with electrical maintenance.

While you may be aware of the importance of getting a building energy audit, they’re worth a second look.

It can lead to an increase in building efficiency. Replacing energy suckers with their efficient counterparts saves you money. Checking for equipment malfunctions and carrying out timely repairs extends their lifespan. An energy audit will help reduce your building’s environmental impacts. It can help identify dangerous problems to protect occupants’ health and safety.

Replace or upgrade your fire alarm systems

While heating fires are the most common cause of home and building fires, there is no such thing as a ‘fire season.’ They can happen in any season, necessitating professional fire alarm inspection and maintenance. It involves the activities mentioned below:

  • A visual inspection to detect loose wiring or damage to the outer casing, among others.
  • Testing existing fire alarm systems to gauge their performance.
  • Checking the control panel, detectors, circuitry, notification devices, battery chargers, door releases, auxiliary power sources, and heat detection devices in elevator shafts, storage areas, and other secondary areas.

Based on the findings, the expert will recommend service upgrades and repairs. Most alarms have a lifespan of 8-10 years. If your systems have aged, it’s a good idea to consider getting new fire alarm systems. We trust┬áMircom fire detection and alarm systems. Their wide range includes conventional, addressable, and network alarm systems, intelligent addressable devices, and emergency communication/evacuation systems, among others.


Routine electrical maintenance has implications for your building’s efficiency, safety, and image. Carrying out audits and inspections will take quite a bit of planning. You’ll also have to budget for repairs and new fire alarm systems or generators. It’s worth starting right away to wrap up all necessary work by the end of the season.

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