Where to find panel upgrades in Markham

The electrical system is a critical component of a commercial building. But in many cases, an existing panel may not be sufficient to handle the load of all the appliances. This is when a panel upgrade becomes necessary.


Who should upgrade your electrical panels in Markham?

Electrical panel upgrades in Markham should only be attempted if you have the proper qualifications. Some issues that can arise from improper DIY panel upgrades in Markham include:

Inspection issues

Electrical inspections are typically neglected after a DIY panel upgrade, which can cause safety risks and incur fines.

Fire hazards

Attempting DIY electrical repairs may start a fire because of improper wiring. This risk can even remain latent for several months.

Electrical shock

Improper electric system repair can cause shocks, which can even be fatal depending on the appliances connected to the system.

For panel upgrades in Markham, a professional and qualified electrician should be contacted. The electrician conducts site inspections and plans the budget for the upgrade. They perform the upgrade with permission from the local authority. In some cases, if the building needs to be repaired, a civil contractor is also required.

Why you should upgrade your panels in Markham

The different signs that indicate panel upgrades in Markham are required include the following:

Older home or building 

Old buildings, though functional, might always require a panel upgrade. Old panels may not be sufficient to handle equipment using modern technology. Equipment that isn’t operating at its peak performance, corroded panels, flickering lights, and regularly tripped breakers are a few indications that it’s time to upgrade.

Breakers trip often

Electrical panels can occasionally trip when a part of the building tries to consume too much electricity. But if the breaker is constantly tripping, it is time for a panel upgrade.

Warm or hot to the touch 

Circuit breakers trip when they get overheated. However, it might indicate a severe failure if the circuit breaker feels hot or warm when you touch it.

Sparking when something is plugged in 

If significant or frequent sparks are seen while plugging something into an outlet, it can indicate a faulty electrical system in need of an upgrade.

Lights flicker or dim when an appliance is turned on 

Lights can occasionally flicker or dim due to lightning or power disruptions. But if it happens frequently, it is time for a panel upgrade.

Remodeling or renovations 

When a building is renovated, new appliances will likely be installed. A panel upgrade is necessary to handle the new power requirement.

Additional appliances or home add-ons 

If appliances or devices that require more power are added to a building, a panel upgrade is necessary to support the new electrical requirements.

Top advantages of panel upgrades

There are several advantages to performing panel upgrades in Markham, including:


Electrical system failure is a significant cause of fire in commercial buildings. Electrical panel upgrades can considerably lower the risk of electric shock and fire.

Circuit capacity 

Buildings can be protected from power surges by upgrading their electrical panels. This effectively reduces fire risks.

Electrical load 

Upgrading an electric panel enables people to use more appliances at the same time, as the panel will be able to support more load.

Energy efficiency 

Upgraded electrical panels require lower energy compared to old panels. This conserves energy and reduces electric charges.

Lower maintenance costs

A panel upgrade means the system is brand new, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance or replacement costs.


Electrical panel upgrades in Markham should be attempted only by a skilled professional. Panel upgrades should be done at appropriate times to avoid issues. It offers several advantages, including safety and efficiency. For more information on electrical panel upgrades, contact Von Power today!


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